Pleurotus ostreatus columbinus Live Culture (Blue Oyster)


The flavor of the blue oyster mushroom has been described as earthy, rich, and tensile texture, the perfect addition to your favorite dishes. Just like most mushrooms it is quite umami. Its texture is both meaty and chewy. When fried until crispy, it resembles bacon or even ham. It has a curly cap which is 2 – 5 cm in diameter. The caps are also quite thin. The stem is very short or even non existent.

Cultivation Difficulty: Easy
Type: Edible/Medicinal
Substrate: Pasteurized straw, wood chips, sawdust, various grains and paper products
Colonization/Fruiting Temperatures: 70-75F/65-80F
Available In: Culture in slant or petri dish

Culture supplied as living mycelium in a test tube slant or grown on sterile media in a petri dish. Culture can be stored for several months under refrigeration . Slants are best suited for long distance travel, international shipments, or long term culture storage. To ensure freshness of culture, slant and plate requests are made to order, please allow 2-4 weeks for processing and shipment. 






Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 1 in